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Database and Design Management Services

All organizations, large, small and even start-up are suffering with data issues. TSA has created, repaired, integrated, and managed virtually every type of database. We begin with key data analysis, finding data anomalies that even clients are not aware of, gather and suggest data requirements, design databases that reflect the business as opposed to the hardware and software, and implement a full database architecture. We guarantee our database implementations to meet identified client requirements and be flexible enough to grow with the organization without major re-design. We are experienced in all industries with established industry practices.

Consider the state of an organizationís data. TSA has experienced and revised all data heavy obstacles, ranging from inconsistency, redundancy, inefficiency and incompleteness to the basic inability to locate or identify core corporate data. We have also established corrective maintenance by recommending and implementing successful data management practices and supporting organizations. Our data implementations never ignore the need for complete metadata or the need to establish an accessible, reusable metadata-based data environment. TSA services involve one or more of the following: data analysis, data integration and warehousing, data management, enterprise portal solutions, logical and physical database design and metadata solutions.

Our core business philosophy surrounds our consulting services. Vendor neutrality is maintained throughout all of our client projects and as such, we are able to propose and implement solutions that are targeted toward client as opposed to partner requirements. Each of our listed technical specialties is customized to serve a particular industry. This knowledge of vertical industry data and its issues when coupled with TSA data-related technical expertise, guarantees the best services available for your data revitalization issues.

In order to revitalize corporate databases, a solid understanding of the role and meaning of a corporation's data is a major prerequisite. This data-based comprehension requires solid database experience within specific industries. Because TSA clients have complimented us on our ability to relate data issues to industry-related issues, we have established industry-specific practices among our consultants who are well-versed in the consulting needs of organizations within each industry.