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Network and Security Analysis Services

Network and Security

TSA provides a network and security analysis service to conduct an overall enterprise health assessment and prescription for network reconfiguration and growth. 

The first part of the analysis is an insightful baseline design to ensure our analysis addresses the known areas of concern your organization faces regularly. 

From our analysis, documentation and/or reverse engineering efforts, we will uncover the network architectural structure and report on such findings to assist in improved architectural design. 

TSA's review will test, in a passive manner, the communications consistency 24/7 down to a ten second granularity.  The same consistency check will record minimum, maximum and average latency of major system-wide dependencies such as domain, active directory, DHCP and DNS servers. 

On the application side, critical server connectivity consistency at OSI layers two (datalink), three (network) and four (transport) are checked to ensure that major application dependencies are examined for dropouts in communications and application layer connectivity consistency. 

We will examine your organizationís existing network documentation, change control practices, monitor and analyze tools-sets to assess how they can be optimized.  We will make insightful recommendations on proven best practices that are likely to improve your systems. 

We will then find the most critical issues and zero in to generate a root cause and mitigation plan.  In some cases we can not only identify issues but mitigate them if change control policies can be performed while we are onsite so that we can measure the improvements.